About Us

Established on the 18th February 2012 the very successful and now undoubtedly the highest profile crime media outlet in the state is still here. The Vigilante News has an amazing what a leading business person described in 2014 as a ‘cult following’ with millions of interactions every month with its loyal subscribers.

The Vigilante News has covered all the breaking crime stories over the past 8 years with a special interest in Murder cases and trials.

We very proudly report on crimes as they are unfolding live often followed up with photos and footage. We cover a limited number of Court trials including Supreme Court of Tasmania jury verdicts and sentences live from the Court.

We have covered thousands of stories that mainstream media haven’t and won’t, editorials on subjects that we believe need more attention and often off limits by ‘the old guard’.

Our stories are obtained through many hours of research, investigations, and subscribers sending tip-offs that we act on and of course going out in the field speaking to people.

The majority are exclusives by us, and we are very proud to be able to provide these stories to you, and indeed before other media does if at all.

The Vigilante News is FREE 24/7 publishing every single day of the year.

And to our loyal subscribers and supporters, many thanks to you all.

Reporting on deaths 

Part of our reporting will also include covering various accidents crashes and incidents that unfortunately include fatalities. We are mindful of these and instances where next of kin’s need to be notified. In these cases we don’t publish vehicle number plates or victims/patients at scenes. On the most part we are known to be last to publish photo’s. We don’t publish concern for welfare related incidents.

Financial disclosure

We alone cover all associated costs in giving you the news. We do not have any sponsorship nor have any arrangements or receive any payments or commissions at all. We are entirely self funded.


If you would like to be a Whistleblower and have a genuine issue, please come forward to us in confidence and guaranteed protection and anonymity as a source. We work closely with those who come forward and seek legal advice when considering stories and content.

– Editor.